Monday August 3, 2020 – Former Cabinet Secretary Judy Wakhungu’s mother and former Vice President Moody Awori’s sister, Grace Wakhungu, may secure her freedom following reports that the family managed to raise Ksh800 million.

Reports indicated that the powerful Awori family marshalled a fundraiser and managed to raise the funds surpassing the Ksh707 million fine imposed on her on June 25th.

Wakhungu had been handed a 69 year jail term after she was accused of colluding with Sirisia MP, John Waluke, to defraud the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) Ksh297 million in 2009.

This comes even as Waluke’s family failed to meet the targeted Ksh727 million fine imposed on him noting that he was only able to raise Ksh250 million despite having allies plan a fundraiser for his fine.

Waluke was sentenced to 67 years in prison and was taken to Kamiti Maximum Prison while Wakhungu was sentenced to 67 years in prison and admitted to the Lang’ata Women Prison.

“The sentencing of granny is not something that was taken lightly by Wakhungu’s siblings, both here in Kenya and Uganda.”

“In fact, we outdid ourselves by raising close to Sh800 million, being contributions from family members through the sale of assets locally and abroad, personal savings and ‘silent’ funds drives by friends,” a source from the family said.

It was revealed that immediate family members of the powerful Wakhungu family raised Ksh197 million and that a nephew to Grace single-handedly contributed Ksh100 million.

The extended Awori family is a powerful lineage starting from Judy Wakhungu who currently works as the Kenyan Ambassador to France, former Vice President Moody Awory and the founding director of Makini School, Mary Akello.

The lineage also includes former Ambassador to Japan, Dennis Awori, and former Ugandan MP, Aggrey Awori, who were said to have contributed sizeable amounts.

The family is also reported to have raised an additional Ksh236 million through a funds-drive organised by members both locally and abroad.


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