Thursday August 27, 2020 – Police officers and residents of Kayole were left shocked after fake police officer Joshua Waiganjo ordered the transfer of 5 police officers who arrested him while drunk.

The police officers, who were doing their job, found Waiganjo drunk and disorderly and arrested him.

Upon his arrest, Waiganjo called former Rift Valley police boss, John Mbijiwe, to have him released.

The police officers in Kayole refused to release Waiganjo but when John Mbijiwe was reinstated as a police officer, he punished the officers who refused to release Waiganjo.

The police officers who were transferred are SSP Kosgey, SP Mideva, Cpl Odhiambo, PC Bashir, and PC Henry.

The five were deployed to Liboi, Kiganjo, Marakwet, and other places considered remote.

Joshua Waiganjo together with John M’Mbijiwe and the Anti-Stock Theft Unit Commander, Remi Ngugi, were cleared of all charges, including impersonation, robbery with violence and theft in May.


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