Thursday, 06 August 2020 – Emma Odhuno, the lady who kicked out social media sensation Zack Opondo in a viral video and humiliated him badly, has been accused of being a loose woman, who has turned her house into a brothel.

The 25 year old single mother of one, is said to be bringing different men into her house for sex in the presence of her young daughter.

Opondo’s friend, Maxwell Odongo, another controversial social media sensation who recently leaked nudes of Miss Bungoma County, put up a post on facebook and revealed that Emma had turned Opondo into a sex object.

He claims that there’s a time Zack called him crying while drunk and complained how Emma wants sex everywhere, from kitchen to bathroom.

This is what Maxwell Odongo posted, exposing Emma badly.

Here’s Emma posing with boychild Opondo during better days.


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