Friday, 07 August 2020 – A few m0nths ago, the Government rolled out Kazi Mtaani project, to help thousands of jobless youths across the country put food on their table, amid the coronavirus pandemic that has led to job cuts.

The project has been embroiled in controversy after it emerged that the youths were shortchanged.

When the President launched the project, they were promised that they will be paid Ksh 653 per day but the money has been reduced to Ksh 450 per day.

Some have not even received their pay after completing work.

It’s also emerging that some of the randy youths, who are participating in the project that involves cleaning the streets and clearing bushes, are having sex in the thickets.

While responding to Dr Mercy Mwangangi’s tweet, where she asked for ideas to involve the youths in the health sector, a twitter user complained that the youths who are parcitipating in the scandal riddled Kazi Mtaani project, have turned the thickets into sex dens, where they engage in raw sex.

He further urged supervisors to give the youths condoms so as to ensure they are engaging in safe sex.

See this tweet, Eh! Eh!


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