Friday, August 7, 2020 – Sexy Kenyan actress, Sarah Hassan, who is popularly known as Tanya from her role in Citizen TV’s Tahidi High show, has opened up about why she was scared of breastfeeding her son.

Taking to Instagram, the ravishing beauty, who broke the hearts of many men by saying ‘I Do’ to the love of her life two years ago, and has since given birth to a baby boy, stated that she has exclusively breastfed her son for more than a year now.

While joining the world in marking breastfeeding week – which runs from 1st-7th August, she disclosed that although she longed to breastfeed her son, stories from fellow mothers on breastfeeding left her scared.

“Breastfeeding was something I longed for but was seriously scared about after hearing and reading soooo many testaments from fellow super mamas.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to have exclusively breastfed my little one for over a year now but one thing I was super scared about was not having enough milk or my milk drying out!”

“Even though I had enough supply, I was still paranoid and it never hurts to just be prepared,” she wrote.

Breast milk is the best for the baby for the first six months, and for as much later as possible.


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