Thursday, 27 August 2020 – Infamous tourist, Mike Oliver, caused a stir recently after he released photos of multiple Kenyan ladies that he has slept with.

Oliver, through his social platforms, splashed countless photos of the different Kenyan ladies who have spread their legs to him and reportedly infected them with HIV.

Members of Team Mafisi have been praising Oliver calling him a hero but this guy thinks otherwise.

He calls him a monster who shouldn’t be celebrated in any way.

He wants Oliver to be punished heavily for destroying the lives of Kenyan ladies.

This is what he thinks about Oliver’s saga.


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  1. The “monsters” are you simple-minded women who have no self-respect and value white skin and money above all else. They shined a very revealing like on some of the main reasons Africa in general is viewed as a toilet bowl and constant target for Chinese and European plunder.

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