Tuesday August 4, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta’s confidante, David Murathe, has been linked to a Sh 4 billion controversial tender in the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to the Kenya Medical Supply Agency (KEMSA).

The controversial tender was won by Kilig Limited, which is a company associated with Murathe’s PA, Willbroad Gatei Gachoka, and another Chinese man.

However, Murathe with assistance from members of the deep state tried to change the ownership of Kilig Limited by inserting the name of Ivy Minyow Onyango.

Hoping that this was a perfect crime and they will get away with it, they forgot to change the phone number of Wilbroda Gatei Gachoka.

When renowned social media activist Robert Alai sent money to Ivy’s number, it came back as Willbroad Gatei Gachoka.

Murathe and his criminals thought it was a flawless crime, but God unmasked them in broad daylight.

Here are company ownership details at the Registrar in the AG’s office that Murathe tried to change. This is how he and his fellow thieves tried to escape but they were caught red-handed like sewage rats.


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