Thursday, 06 August 2020 – Lakeside social media sensation, Zack Opondo, was humiliated badly by Emma Odhuno, a sexy single mother who had housed him.

Zack’s work was to lay the pipe and in return, Emma, who is financially stable, took care of his financial needs.

He housed him, fed him and clothed him like a toddler.

A video of Opondo being kicked out like a rat by Emma has spread online like bushfire and turned him into a laughing stock on social media.

He was ordered to pack his belongings and leave the house after a disagreement (See video below in-case you missed)

In his defence, Zack said that Emma overreacted after he caused commotion when he caught her pants down with another man after returning from a business trip in Mombasa announced.

As we speak, Opondo, who lives a fake lifestyle on social media, might be homeless.

He only left with his clothes and a suitcase when Emma kicked him out.

Here are photos of the single mother who had housed that parasite called Zack Opondo.


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