Friday, August 21, 2020 – There was drama aboard an American Airline flight after two ladies engaged in a catfight while arguing over face masks.

The video was shared on twitter by media personality Caryn Ross, whose husband was on the plane.

“Nothing like a morning Fight Club as tempers flared on @AmericanAir LAS-CLT flight today,”

“So much for social distancing! #AAFightClub” Ross captioned the madness.

In the video, one woman can be heard shouting at another passenger, who quickly gets up and a fight ensues.

The Airline released a statement explaining the events leading up to the video.

“On Monday, a customer on American Airlines Flight 1665 with service from Las Vegas to Charlotte failed to comply with our mandatory face-covering policy after boarding the aircraft prior to departure.”

“In accordance with our policy, the customer was subsequently asked to leave the aircraft and became disruptive, resulting in an altercation with other passengers.”

Watch the video below.


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