Saturday, 01 August 2020 – Self-proclaimed Mighty Prophet of God, David Owuor, the Founder of Repentance and Holiness Ministry, lives a very flashy life although he has been condemning fellow men of God who parade fancy lifestyles in public.

Owuor’s church ministry has so many branches across the country and every church sends him financial support in form of tithes and offerings.

The con prophet is facing a case in court after he brainwashed a rich woman and convinced her to quit her well-paying job and transfer her investments to his Church Ministry.

The woman quit her lucrative job to become a full time servant at Owuor’s church and gave the con-prophet permission to collect rent in some lavish apartments that she owns in Westlands.

Besides owning a palatial mansion in Runda that resembles White House, Owuor has a fleet of guzzlers and one of the most expensive cars in his fleet is a 5600CC Nissan Patrol.

The monster car cost over Ksh 10 Million to ship in.

Here are photos of the Prophet’s expensive car.


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