Saturday August 29, 2020 – Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has accused Deputy President William Ruto of playing victim by claiming that he has been alienated in the Jubilee Party.

On Thursday, Ruto, who was being hosted for an interview on Citizen TV, said that after 2017, it was agreed between him and Uhuru that he should take a back-seat to allow Uhuru lead the way.

“We had UhuruRuto, it was agreed that we may need to tone down on the Ruto part so that we could have Uhuru stand out as the leader of Government,” he explained.

But Kalonzo , who was also on an interview with Citizen TV on Friday, said Ruto was now playing victim making it look like he was at the receiving end of an unjust system.

“Is he alienated?”

“I don’t agree with such tagging, just because he is playing a victim, does it mean that he is a victim?” Kalonzo asked.

When he was pressed to answer on whether Ruto was deliberately missing State functions and meetings, Kalonzo steered clear saying the question would only be answered by either President Uhuru or Ruto.


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