Thursday August 13, 2020 – Former Machakos Senator, Johnson Muthama, has passionately defended Deputy President William Ruto’s remarks on the Deep State.

Addressing the press today, Muthama, who was flanked by former Kakamega Senator, Boni Khalwale, and former Mombasa Senator, Hassan Omar, insisted that the DP is not an isolated man in Government.

The group assured members of the public that the DP has substantial support that will ensure he achieves his 2022 ambitions.

Mr. Muthama further emphasized that the “deep state” narrative is one created to divert the attention of taxpayers from theft that is happening within Government.

“Let it be known that the DEEP STATE narrative is total bluff.”

“Such will not be used as a scheme to ‘fix’ 2022 elections!”

“Na wale watu wanafikiri Ruto yuko peke yake, he is not alone.”

“I want Kenyans to know that Ruto is not alone, not the way it is being reported that he is an isolated man!”

“Here we are and many others are out there,” the ex-Senator emphasized.

Ruto has raised concerns of there being a plot by the so-called Deep State to rig his victory come 2022.



  1. Our Deputy prezo Dr. William Samoei arap Ruto is Kenya’s next president when Uhuru retires in two years from now! Let those who were raised in state house keep cool because they have exhausted their career. The countries population is yearning for a hustler like them who knows where the shoe pinches! This is true as an anthropologist once said and I quote, “A person is like all other people because he/she was created in the image of God. He/she is like some other people because he belongs to a given community and like no other people because he is UNIQUE!! It is in the CONTEXT of this uniqueness that Dr. William Ruto fits well in the current political scenario in our country. This is why Ruto as a HUSLER, can mix uniformly with people OF ALL WALKS OF LIVE unlike those who were raised in state house who no knowledge of HUSLING. Indeed, Rut is energetic, acute, articulate, knowledgeable, sympathetic, focused, God fearing and above all the NATION’S SECOND IN COMMAND. On that note, I do doubt as to whether there is any who can measure to him given the current political realignment in Country!

    The “seed” of Koitalel arap Samoei, Bravo!
    Save this nation the way the then CONQUEROR, of the British empire- Koitalel arap Samoei, overcame the ideologies of the that empire in early 1900 by staging a resistance when they tried to set foot in the the greater Nandi nation.
    Indeed you have all the support to move ahead and RESIST THE DEEP STATE!
    If the PREZO would recap on who took him to the Hague to stand behind the bars, he would not have opted for the HANDSHAKE against wishes of the “seed” of Koitalel arap Samoei. Ruto with immediate effect stood in the gap to protect this nation from the wrath of the son of Nyanza who was roaring like lion looking for whom devour(1 Peter 5:8)! Kenyans should judge as to who is short changing the other.

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