Friday August 28, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has stirred another controversy after he confessed about the frustrations he is getting within Jubilee that may force him to dump President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Ruto hinted at quitting the Jubilee Party, accusing Uhuru’s allies of hijacking it. 

Ruto pinpointed at Jubilee Vice Chairman, David Murathe, as the leader of the group which constantly insults him, and asked Kenyatta to bring the party to order lest he (Ruto) opts for his own solution to solve the stalemate. 

“Jubilee is not functioning as a party.”

“We folded about 12 political parties to form Jubilee.”

“Unfortunately, the party has been hijacked by busybodies, conmen and brokers like David Murathe who have no clue on our philosophy.”

“Their word has become the party position.”

“There is something wrong with juniors who insult their seniors.”

“If it becomes hopeless and Jubilee is hijacked by the brokers, then waswahili wanasema, ‘kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa kupika’.”

“(The wise men say that breaking a cooking stick should not be a reason for not cooking),” Ruto stated. 

The DP warned that the same virus that infected KANU and eventually killed it had infected Jubilee.

Unfortunately, the mistake KANU did was to evict its staunch members, a trap he says Jubilee has fallen into. 


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