Wednesday August 5, 2020 – An outspoken Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) MP has claimed that he misses the time when Garissa Township MP, Aden Duale, was Majority Leader in Parliament.

Speaking on Wednesday, Alego Usonga MP, Sam Atandi, confessed missing Duale as Majority Leader.

Atandi said he misses Duale’s firm leadership especially in ensuring Treasury was quick to disburse CDF funds to respective constituencies.

The MP accused the new Majority Leader, Amos Kimunya, of not doing enough to challenge the Treasury and following up on the disbursement of CDF money.

“This House must ensure that CDF funds are released early so that our projects do not stall while we are here passing government bills.”

“The new leadership must be firm and this is why I miss Duale.”

“On this I miss Duale because he was very firm.”

“He used to go to the Treasury CS to ensure we got our money.”

“The new Majority Leader should push the Treasury,” Atandi said.

Last month, Uhuru replaced Duale with Kimunya.


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