Wednesday August 26, 2020 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has revealed that his stand on creating regional Governments headed by super Governors is still intact.

Speaking about his proposal to create a third tier Government, Raila maintained that he has not abandoned the push as he remained in support of introducing regional units, preferably 14, that will perform purely administrative functions.

He revealed that despite most Governors backing the plan in private, they were afraid to openly discuss it for fear of a backlash over what some consider an added burden on the taxpayer.

“Don’t you see the Governors themselves have recognized that the counties are too tiny?”

“That’s why they have created the regional blocs.”

“Nobody has got the courage to come and say let us create another level because the opponents of effective governance, who are populists, will come and say you are creating more centers of consumption that is going to be too expensive.”

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” he asserted.

Raila cited the creation of regional blocs such as the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) and Jumuiya ya Kaunti za Pwani, saying that Governors wanted them enshrined in the Constitution.

“I would prefer the original Bomas draft where we had only 14 regions.”

“Currently, I think 47 Governors is too many,” he stated.

Referencing countries including South Africa, Nigeria and the United States of America, Raila argued that Kenya had far too many Governors and counties given its size and population.

“South Africa has got only 10 provinces headed by the Premier.

Even Nigeria, which is four times our population and bigger in size, has got only 35 states.

“The United States has got 52. There are only 5 more than us, and that is a continent,” he observed.

Under his proposal, the regional Governments will perform administrative functions similar to the roles of the now defunct provincial administration.

Regional assemblies will also be created for legislative matters.


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