Thursday August 20, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has been warned never to let go of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga because he is his only chance of political survival.

According to sources, a meeting was held in Gatundu where the President’s family told Uhuru that his political survival depended on his relationship with Raila.

The President was reminded that falling out with Raila was not an option for him because that will expose the Kenyatta family to political attacks.

“Uhuru was reminded that such a move would not only sink his political career, but also give Deputy President William Ruto huge political mileage in Mt. Kenya,” said a source familiar with the happenings.

Uhuru’s family also warned the President to ignore political brokers from the region who want to exploit his good relationship with Raila for their own selfish interests.

According to the Kenyatta family, the so called brokers are secretly working with Ruto and it will be detrimental for Uhuru to trust them.


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