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Thursday August 13, 2020 – National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, has responded to Deputy President William Ruto, who alleged on Tuesday that an amorphous group called the “deep state” is planning to steal his presidential victory in 2022.

Raila, who was speaking at ODM headquarters during the swearing in of members of ODM’s National Election board on Thursday, said he was unaware of the existence of an ineffable election results manipulator known as the Deep State.

“I, Raila Odinga, do not hold a position in the current Government.”

“The Head of State is known, and the Deputy President is known.”

“If you are talking of the Deep State, who is there?”

“Of course, the president and the DP should be in a position to know.”

“So, when someone talks about the Deep State [that is outside the Government circles], which one is it?”

“We [in ODM] do not know about the Deep State,” Raila said

After denying knowledge of the existence of a Deep State outside Government circles, Odinga was asked by a journalist to respond to his elder brother’s claim — that he (Raila) will be a beneficiary of the “system” in the 2022 presidential race.

“Oburu Odinga is an individual [entitled to his own opinion],” Raila Odinga.

Two weeks ago, Oburu told a burial in Siaya County that Raila lost previous presidential elections because he did not have the back of the “system”.

“All these elections, we have been getting the most votes, but not ending up in the State House because we did not have the system.”

“But now in 2022, we have both the system and our votes which are always the majority – what more could we ask for?” Oburu said.


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