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Sunday August 23, 2020 – The Orange Democratic Movement Party has hit back at Deputy President William Ruto over his remarks regarding the Covid-19 supplies scandal that hit KEMSA.

Speaking during a press conference yesterday, ODM Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna, claimed that Ruto made his statement out of jealousy. 

“At least for once it won’t be possible to be blamed for what someone said started in Wuhan as a virus, landed in Italy as a pandemic and now in Kenya as a multi-billion shilling corruption enterprise.”

“I’d rather remain a spectator,” Ruto stated as he mocked President Uhuru Kenyatta indirectly.

However, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s ODM slammed that statement noting that it was inappropriate because it insinuated that it is okay for money to be stolen as long as he was not involved. 

“It expresses the jealousy of being left out of the gravy train,” Sifuna spoke.

Sifuna also accused the DP of mocking President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government, thinking that it would elevate him.

At the same time, ODM called for an audit of the Covid-19 kits supply after Dennis Okari’s expose saying that the investigative piece was not enough evidence of wrongdoing.

“The Government should conduct an audit before a criminal investigation because only an audit would prove that there was corruption,” ODM recommended.


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