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Sunday August 2, 2020 – Renowned economist and former National Super Alliance strategist, David Ndii, has asked the Senate to reject the disputed revenue sharing formula saying those perpetuating it are political conmen who are driven by selfish interests.

In a statement on his social media accounts, Ndii who is an Oxford-trained economist waded into the revenue standoff in the Senate, explaining that the proposed basis for sharing revenue among Counties contravenes the principle of equity and fair sharing of resources enshrined in the constitution.

“The overreaching principle to be used as a basis for revenue allocation is spelled out in the Principles of Public Finance (Article 201) specifically 201 (b) – ‘the public finance system shall promote an equitable society’ – and 201 (b)(iii) – ‘expenditure shall promote the equitable development of the country’,” he said.

Ndii said an equitable society and equitable development are defined by the outcomes such as income per person, life expectancy, school enrollment and education outcomes, access to health care, among other indicators.

“While development disparities may persist for different reasons, no community or part of Kenya is entitled to more development than the other using public money,” he said.

A proposed formula that will see 18 Counties lose Sh17 billion if adopted is deadlocked in the Senate after Senators, whose counties are set to lose, rejected it.

Ndii reckoned that the formula and models that inform the final basis for revenue allocation should be based on targets set by the country and the cost of offering those services.


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