Tuesday August 4, 2020 – Recent remarks by EALA MP, Oburu Oginga, that his brother, Raila Odinga, has ‘the system’s blessings’ and will propel him to power in 2022 has put the former Prime Minister’s hopes of succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta at risk.

This is after it emerged that Deputy President William Ruto is milking the narrative to his advantage.

According to sources, this narrative is all that Ruto and his allies needed to show the extent of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ‘betrayal’.

Some MPs allied to the DP were heard last week around Parliament saying how they circulated the clip of Oburu making these remarks.

They said they personally circulated it while others used bloggers to ensure it reached as many people as possible.

“I sent it to the President himself,” said one of the DP’s allies.

They said Uhuru and Raila were lucky that political activities have been frozen because of Covid-19.

Otherwise, they would have used the clip to portray Uhuru as a betrayer.


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