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Friday, August 28, 2020 – NTV news anchor, Olive Burrows, has narrated how her mother died as she prepared to take her to hospital in 2016.

The sassy media personality, who has become a household name since joining NTV from Capital FM in 2018, stated that losing her mother remains the lowest moment of her life.

Olive, who attended The Kenya High School and later Daystar University, said:

“My mum had been unwell, and she came to my place on a Monday. I told her we would go to the hospital on Tuesday.”

“On Tuesday, she told me she wanted to rest.”

“The whole day, I just felt off. I got home and found my mum hadn’t eaten. She had slept the whole day, so I forced her to eat.”

“On Wednesday, when I woke up, I found her moving up and down the house.”

“She was saying she was having trouble breathing.”

“So I panicked nikakuwa mkali and I told her ‘no, no you can’t talk like that, you need to be strong’,”

“We were getting ready for the hospital. I was in the kitchen making tea and I noticed she was quiet.”

“I came out and found her on the sofa, but one look at her face, and I could tell she was having a stroke.”

“So, I screamed, I rushed to the fridge where I had Red Cross numbers, and they told me I was too far away because I was living in Ruaka then.”

She called St. Johns Ambulance and when the medics arrived, they found her mother had already passed on.

“I could see and I could tell she was gone,” Olive stated.

Olive came into the limelight in 2015 when she interviewed former US President Barack Obama during his Kenyan visit.


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