Thursday August 13, 2020 – The statement by Deputy President Dr William Ruto, in which he boldly dared the deep state and the system to bring it on, has continued to elicit mixed reactions across the political divide.

On Thursday, Nyeri Town MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu, turned the heat on the DP saying the “man from Sugoi” had resorted to the deep state narrative to whip up emotions from his supporters.

He says Ruto is peddling a “deep state” narrative, so that he can reject the results of the 2022 presidential elections.

“That will be his reason to refuse the results of that election – and (maybe) become the catalyst for what will certainly be violent confrontations between his followers and the government,” Ruto claimed.

“Ruto is trying to build a siege mentality amongst his followers, so that when, not if, he doesn’t make it in 2022, he will immediately say the ‘deep state/ system’ has fixed him and some people seated somewhere have stolen his election,” Ruto added.


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  1. Ruto is an ICON for the next general elections. He has the MANDATE in all corners of the Nation right from the ECONOMIC LORDS, PROFESSIONAL dimensions to the DESTITUDE regions. He has already banked my UNANIMOUS vote.

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