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Tuesday August 11, 2020 – Embattled Elgeyo Marakwet Senator, Kipchumba Murkomen, made a bold declaration yesterday saying that he will not support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s revenue sharing formula because it will disenfranchise marginalized Counties.

In a statement to Kenyans, the Senator argued that even though his County was among the gainers in the proposed formula, it was possible to have a formula that would benefit all regions.

“We must not allow counties that have been subjected to abject marginalisation for over 50 years to be cast back into the deep dark chasm of deprivation just when they are about to begin the upward trek towards regional development, we must all stand up and speak out against this economic bias.”

“It is possible to have a formula where, while other populous counties gain, the less populous counties do not lose.”

“It is possible to have a win-win formula,” he declared.

He further maintained that the Senate had been fighting to have the national Government release the billions meant for Counties together with the devolved functions saying that the marginalised Counties may lose now and later his people will be affected.

“Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.”

“If we support injustice against other counties today, the same injustice will be meted against our counties tomorrow,” he stated.

The Deputy President William Ruto allied Senator stated that the country’s unity was at stake threatened by selfishness and greed.

“We must endeavor to build a Senate and a Country that upholds fairness as the basis of decision making.”

“We must rid Kenya of this deeply-entrenched mentality that when one holds public office, they must get something for themselves or enrich their kinsmen and their counties, by hook or by crook.”

“As the Senate, we must stand for one Kenya and one People,” he added.


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