M0nday, August 17, 2020 – Murder suspect Joseph Irungu, who is popularly known as Jowie, has given his life to Christ and ventured into the gospel music industry.

Jowie is the main suspect in the brutal murder of the late businesswoman, Monica Kimani, after detectives established that he was the last person who came into contact with her before she was killed.

Detectives also established that Jowie attempted to interfere with the murder scene.

He was put behind bars for more than a year before his lawyers secured bail.

After coming out of prison, he has completely transformed and given his life to Christ.

He has ditched ‘parte after parte’ life and turned to God.

Jowie, in his latest Instagram post, posted a trailer of his new gospel song that will be released in two days’ time.

The song is dubbed, Nishikilie, a cry to God to hold him as he faces the murder case that may see him jailed for life if found guilty.

Here is the trailer of Jowie’s upcoming gospel song.


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