Thursday, 06 August 2020 – Lakeside social media sensation, Zack Opondo, was humiliated badly by his lady sponsor after she kicked him out like a sewage rat from her house after a scuffle.

Zack, who pretends to be living large on social media, was depending on the single mother of one for survival and when things turned south, she ordered him to pack and go.

Opondo is a shameless parasite that depends on sex starved single mothers who are financially stable.

Sometime back, he was kicked out by a lady, who holds a senior position at IEBC, from her residence in Greenspan Estate, Nairobi, after she found out that he was bringing other women to her house for sex.

Zack has been condemned by the male fraternity for failing the boychild.

See his photos.

The lady in the photos is the one who kicked him out in the viral video.


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