Friday, 21 August 2020 – A Caucasian man has caused a stir after he posted photos of different Kenyan ladies that he has had sexual contact with.

The randy man, who is called Mike Oliver, is said to be doing sex tourism in Kenya and since he knows that Kenyan ladies easily fall for men with white skin, he has been chewing them like sugarcane.

A married woman is reportedly in trouble after her husband spotted her in the controversial photos that have gone viral.

According to twitter user, PhillKamara, the woman had lied to her husband that she had gone to the Coast for a work related trip and after he spotted her in Mike Oliver’s controversial photos, he connected the dots.

”One of those girls is a wife to one of my clients. Actually sasa wako war mode.” The twitter user revealed while responding to tweet posted by Amerix concerning the saga.

”Hubby saw those pics. 1+1 =2. She had claimed they were on a working trip.” He added.


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