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Monday August 24, 2020 – The Ministry of Education, in conjunction with other stakeholders, has released a curriculum for the Community-Based Learning Programme set to be rolled out across the country.

The Ministry clarified that activities are not meant to cover the curriculum designs or syllabuses but to engage learners to gain good personal habits, competencies, skills and values.

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and Kenya National Examinations Council were part of stakeholders that developed the learning activities. 

The programme that was released for primary and secondary school learners will have each of them covering tailor-made subjects.

However, Amunga Akhanyalabandu, a teacher at Athi River High School highlighted some of the flaws in the programme.

“That is not we had trained for.”

“Teachers are professional, they go through some training but what the Ministry is trying to impose is things we were not taught in college.”

“Most of the teachers will ignore this programme because they are not tied to our salary, they are not tied to our teaching skills,” he explained.

Primary schools will cover four topics, life skills and values, health and fitness, learning area activities, environment and sanitation.

Secondary schools will cover eight topics; Citizenship, Environment, Creative Arts, Languages, Games and Fitness, Life skills, Home science, Mathematics and Financial Literacy

Under Citizenship, high school students will learn about Values Formation, Social Responsibility, Social, Entrepreneurship, Religious Activities and Socio-cultural Activities. 

Broad areas set to be covered in Environment include Personal Hygiene, Hygiene and Conservation, Careers in Science, (None) Communicable Diseases, Body Systems, Physical Exercise and Safety, Home Remedies and Simple First Aid, Environmental Conservation, Business Resources and Agribusiness.

Learners will learn about Multimedia cards, Draw and paint pictures, Craft activities, Music and dance, Drama, Videography and photography in Creative Arts.

On languages, students will cover language games, debates, public speaking, Poetry, Oral Literature, Reading and Writing.

Social distancing will have to be enforced under games and fitness with learners set to be engaged in running games, dancing, athletics and aerobics.

Life skills will cover broad topics such as self-awareness, bullying and violence, time management, making decisions, leadership, communication, self-esteem, conflict resolution, choosing subjects and careers, study and organisational skills, goal setting and daily living skills.

Under Home Science, students will learn about personal hygiene, clothes, foods, care of the home and compound and consumer awareness.

Mathematics and Financial Literacy will cover geometry shapes, math brain teasers, trick questions, riddles, ratios and proportions, the number system, expressions and equations, self-assessment and self -discovery.


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