Friday August 21, 2020 – Embattled Senate Speaker, Ken Lusaka, came out guns blazing to defend himself against State capture of the Senate.

Lusaka has been on the receiving end of stinging criticism over the heated debate on the Third Basis Revenue Allocation Formula.

A record nine sittings in the Senate failed to resolve the impasse over the formula leading to the formation of a 12-member committee on Monday, August 17th to find consensus.

The sittings have been loud and chaotic, with emotional arguments taking center stage.

Among accusations Lusaka has faced is failing to control and moderate the debate, with perceptions emerging that the Speaker is a lame duck controlled by State House.

However, during an interview yesterday, Lusaka sought to defend his decisions during the sittings.

He maintained that he was not a lame duck Speaker as many had argued, stating that he had chosen a non-combative approach to ensure smooth running of the House.

Offering an example, he referenced a fiery speech by Senator Kipchumba Murkomen on the floor of the house on Monday, August 17th in which he accused Lusaka of sacrificing him.

Lusaka claimed that the criticism of his handling of the debate, and allegations of executive influence, were meant to sway him to support one side of the revenue formula argument.

“I have a lot of experience in administration.”

“Sometimes people want to trap you, they want to take you in a certain direction.”

“So that you can see you’re being provoked to take a certain action.”

“If you throw someone out of the chamber, it becomes chaotic and they achieve what they want.”

“Sometimes when you learn that is the intention because someone wants to disrupt the proceedings for certain reasons, I choose not to play along,” Lusaka asserted.


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