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Monday, August 31, 2020 – Sauti Sol lead singer, Bien Baraza, has opened up about a nasty accident he was involved in that saw him lose 16 teeth.

Speaking during an interview on Churchill Show, the talented vocalist narrated how he was knocked down by a reckless driver while crossing a busy road in Nairobi’s CBD in 2007.

Bien said he was in the company of his sister when the accident occurred.

Fortunately, he didn’t sustain serious injuries as he managed to stand and walk before he went to hospital for further checkups.

“In 2007, I was crossing the road with my sister, Two Kambas (a rap duo) and Wendy Kimani.”

“We were from doing a song about the post-election violence.”

“We were crossing the road at Tuskys Pioneer in town headed towards Kenya Railways.”

“I saw a car speeding and my sister noted that the driver was reckless and was bound to hit a pedestrian,” he narrated.

“I remember turning around and that car was right in front of me and that guy hit the life out of me. He hit my knees and I hit my face on the windshield.

“I just remember flying in the air. I woke up on the ground and my sister was there. It was a hit and run so the guy just sped off. Luckily I just stood up, I didn’t break any limbs,” he narrated.

Bien says he only discovered that he had lost 16 teeth when he looked at himself in the mirror after he got admitted at Nairobi Hospital.

Watch the video below.


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