Wednesday, 19 August 2020 – Contoversial singer Akothee is mad at Radio Jambo presenter, Massawe Japanni, after she hosted her daughter Vesha Okello for an interview and asked her questions about sensitive family matters.

According to Akothee, Massawe Japani had other intentions when she was interviewing her daughter.

One of the topics that Massawe discussed with Vesha is that of her parents breaking up when they were very young, something that made Akothee go mad.

‘’To all presenters ,gossipers and the rest , keep off my children’s past out of your interviews/ mouths. Anytime you call any of my children for an interview, stick to the questions you said you will ask . Don’t try to gain impact with my children’s painful past, they don’t know;and will never understand why they are raised in a single family 💔 in as much as they play strong; there is a broken heart somewhere 💔. The stigma they have gone through, is enough’’. Read part of her post.

She told Massawe Japanni to leave her children out of her dirty mouth or else, she will face dire consequences.

‘’The fact that your homes are not out on social media ,doesn’t mean you people are living a fantastic life; I am happy that your children wake up and can call mummy and daddy. They can see both of you cuddle and it provides a sense of security 💪 be happy while it lasts .You have never felt the pain of rejection and divorce . So leave us alone. Some of the presenters are stuck in toxic marriages just to keep the face for the public ! The same shit you condon in your marriages, just to keep a name ,is the same shit that made some of us thrown out 🙏it was not our wish . I would realy have loved to live with my Jared,raise our children ,but it was not just ment to be🙏,.’’ Akothee added.

She concluded her ranting spree saying, “I would have also loved to live with papa Ojwang ,but it dint work out 🙏,now I tried with papa Oyoo ,it don’t work out too. So what else do you want to hear?. Soon you will invite Oyoo to come and explain how he felt when mommy was locked down with corona,or when mummy is not at home & they have to stay with dad , bitches BE SENSITIVE WITH PEOPLES FAMILIES.I WILL INSULT YOU VERY BAD🙄 ALSO THOSE INTERVIEWING MY SISTER , CONCENTRATE ON HER SHE IS MY ELDER DAUGHTER & LEAVE MY NAME OUT OF HER INTERVIEWS.SHE IS A BRAND ON HER OWN.’’.


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