Tuesday, 18 August 2020 – Late singer, John De Mathew, left two wives after he perished in a grisly road accident caused by drunk driving around August last year.

The singer’s first wife, Sarafina Wairimu, paid glowing tribute to her husband during the burial that was attended by top Kenyan leaders and told off critics to keep off her affairs with her co-wife, Caroline Waithira.

She promised that they will stay together in peace after the death of their husband.

‘No one will come between us. I recognize Ms Waithira as the second wife and she respects me. In fact, when the late could not get his favourite shirt, I could call her to ask whether it was in her home. Our children love each other and it is hard to know which one belongs to which mother.’ She said.

One year later, the two co-wives are still living together in peace.

They posted a nice photo bonding and Netizens can’t keep calm.

Actually, they look like sisters.


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