Tuesday August 4, 2020 – The recent enmity between Cherangany MP, Joshua Kutuny, and Baringo Senator, Gideon Moi, over failure to appoint Luka Kimeli as the Director General of the Kenya Urban Roads Authority has blown over.

Kutuny had accused Gideon of being behind the rejection of Kimeli and instead influencing the appointment of his own man to the post.

But Tiaty MP, William Kamket, a close ally of Gideon, dismissed him, saying what happened is a case of a deal gone bad.

He alleged that Kutuny took Sh15 million from Kimeli to secure his confirmation as the Director General.

According to Kamket, the man was not confirmed because he did not meet the qualifications.”

He accused the Cherangany lawmaker of politicising the matter and blaming it on Gideon.

“We will not accept intimidation.”

“Let him go.”

“His problem is promising what he cannot deliver.”

“Why would Gideon instigate the sacking of people?”

“Gideon has no time for such,” Kamket said.


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