Thursday, August 27, 2020 – Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua, has withdrawn a Ksh 50,000 offer for a young man because of his “Ndungu Arap Mashamba” Facebook name.

The 33-year old had reached out to Mutua on Facebook saying that he has a great business idea but lacks capital.

Mutua said he liked the idea and offered to support him with Ksh50, 000 out of his own pocket – an amount the young man said he needed as capital to get his business going.

However, the self-declared Kenyan moral police, said he was forced to withdraw his offer after going through the young man’s profile online and seen that he uses the name ‘Ndungu Arap Mashamba’ on Facebook.

“Arap Mashamba” is a term used to mock DP Ruto over his perceived insatiable appetite for land.

Read Mutua’s post below.

“The gentleman said he needed KSh 50,000 to start a business. I engaged him further and he seemed to be clear on the kind of business he could do with the money. I made up my mind to sacrifice KSh 50,000 out of my salary this month to help this young man but since we were only communicating on social media I decided to do due diligence,” the media police stated.

“I realised the fellow uses a very strange name – “Ndungu Arap Mashamba… But he chose to recklessly use “Arap Mashamba” a tag used scornfully for a top politician in Kenya. It hurts me to the bone when I see young people jumping into the foolish bandwagon of mocking national leaders or using derogatory language,” he went on.

“May this serve as a lesson that your personal branding on these streets can open or close doors. I was so moved about the plight of this young man until I saw his account name,” he advised.

“You can use social media to grow your brand and social capital. It’s therefore important that you behave yourself and do not hide behind anonymity to insult people or do stupid things. I do not engage any further with such people. These are my personal values. You can live with them or block yourself,”


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