Thursday, 27 August 2020 – More details on the underhand dealings that the late Kevin Omwenga was engaging in have emerged.

Omwenga died last week under unclear circumstances in his lavish apartment in Kilimani.

So far, reports have indicated that Omwenga  was dealing in the fake gold business but an anonymous person, who claims to be his ‘business’ partner,  has written to blogger Edgar Bare, exposing how he made millions of shillings from online scams.

The anonymous person revealed that Omwenga died because someone allegedly thought that he had stolen Ksh 500 million from a deal that they had made together but the deal was yet to go through.

More confessions even showed that Omwenga was planning to go to Dubai and make a deal worth KS 200 million before he died.

The person went ahead and narrated how the stolen money was shared after being allegedly moved from one account to another country and distributed to the fraudsters.

Here are the screenshots exposing the late Omwenga’s underhand dealings.


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