Thursday August 27, 2020 – On Wednesday, Anti-corruption Magistrate, Douglas Ogoti, allowed Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, to approach the Director of Public Prosecutions and have an out of court settlement in a case where he is accused of stealing Sh 357 million meant for Nairobi County.

“The accused persons are free to plea bargain with the DPP and report on the progress to the trial court,” Mr Ogoti said.

This ruling has been condemned by many Kenyans who accused the Judiciary of double standards when handling corruption cases.

One of those who protested is renowned social media activist and blogger, Robert Alai, who accused the Judiciary of bias when handling corruption cases.

Alai asked why they didn’t allow Migori Governor, Okoth Obado, to take a plea bargain with the DPP since he has stolen public money like Sonko.

“You prosecute Obado for stealing Ksh 73 million but now you even let Mike Sonko free after stealing Ksh 357 million.”

“Do we even think the effect of these contradicting moves?” Alai asked.



  1. why didnt they allow wahungu and waluke to take the same. corruption has been politicized. this is what we call double standards.

    kenyans wake up from your deep slumber wajinga ni nyinyi. we should oppose the proposed constitution amendment. kenyans have not asked for amendments its the leaders asking for their selfish achievements.
    president uhuru has done a very bad job. heavy borrowing, corruption and handshake and betrayal of our vice president.

    he should just go home and not dream of any other post in 2022 or else kenyans may never forgive him

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