Friday August 28, 2020 – Fresh details have emerged over how Governors spent Covid-19 funds on non-essential items instead of focusing on key interventions to curb the spread of the virus.

A report from the Controller of Budget shows that the devolved units spent Sh3.4 billion disbursed to fight the pandemic on items such as settling pending electricity and water bills, buying lubricants and purchasing merchandise.

The money was part of the Sh 13.1 billion disbursed from the Treasury to Counties to fight coronavirus.

For instance, in Baringo, a County which received Sh 106 million, Sh58 million was used to buy foodstuff, drinking water, fuel and lubricants, leaving Sh48 million for Personal Protective Equipment and paying of allowances to frontline healthcare workers.

Busia County which received Sh 92 million, used Sh 15 million to buy gumboots and Sh 42 million to buy 10 tonnes of Chlorine for disinfecting hospitals and open-air markets.

Nakuru County was one of the three Counties that allocated the highest amount at Sh512 million.

The County paid Sh21 million to frontline healthcare workers as allowances, used another Sh22 million to purchase PPEs but ended up paying a total of Sh25 million for handbags, reflector jackets, branded umbrellas, awareness and conferences.


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