Thursday August 6, 2020 – Senate Majority Whip, Irungu Kang’ata, has dropped a bombshell, revealing the future of the handshake after ODM leader, Raila Odinga, abandoned President Uhuru Kenyatta’s one man one shilling formula that was recently rejected by the Senate.

Speaking on Thursday, Kangata said despite the statement by Raila abandoning Uhuru on the revenue sharing formula, the handshake remained intact based on the strong support they got from Senators from the Nyanza region.

“The handshake has been very supportive and it is not threatened in any way.”

“We have a lot of support from Senators from the handshake strongholds.”

“The likes of Ochillo Ayacko and Sam Ongeri have supported our motions during this process,” Kang’ata stated.

This comes as Kangata had threatened two weeks ago that the Mt Kenya region led by President Uhuru Kenyatta will abandon the handshake and the BBI process if Odinga’s allies in the Senate fail to support the population-driven Counties revenue distribution formula.

The threat was later followed by a statement from Raila Odinga supporting the formula that placed population as the main emphasis in allocation of every County’s share of the national revenue.

The threats by Kang’ata attracted the wrath of Uhuru who warned him to stop threatening his buddy, Raila, and subsequently gagged him from speaking about the issue.

The Senate is now in the process of resolving the differences between those who want a population driven formula and those who want the status quo to remain where geographical land mass will play a major influence in sharing revenue.


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