Tuesday August 25, 2020 – MPs from across the political divide have called on investigating agencies to take charge of the alleged coronavirus scandal in the country.

Speaking during the third National Assembly leadership caucus at Ole Sereni Hotel on Wednesday, Majority Leader Amos Kimunya and his minority counterpart, John Mbadi, said the matter should be left for the Ethics and the Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to investigate.

“Let the investigating agencies do their work.”

“The ODM party has a lot of faith in the DCI and EACC,” Mbadi said.

On his part, Kimunya echoed the sentiments of the Minority Leader by asking Parliament to concentrate on the law-making process to address graft issues.

“Ours is to legislate and come up with the law that will seal all the loopholes and prevent corruption,” added Kimunya.

The Majority Leader also urged the investigating agencies to speed up their investigations regarding the alleged Covid-19 scam and bring all the perpetrators to book.


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