Sunday, 09 August 2020 – A few days ago, a dramatic video of Zack Opondo being kicked out by a lady sponsor, who had housed him, emerged online and caused a lot of drama.

The single mother of one chased Opondo away from her house like a toddler, after a scuffle ensued between the two.

The poor man was seen leaving the house with a suit-case after the no-nonsense woman kicked him out.

Following the video that spread online like bushfire, countless people have aired their opinions concerning the issue of men being domesticated by women.

Well known columnist, Sarah Haluwa, claims that there’s nothing wrong with men being kept by women, as long as a man’s bedroom game is top notch, and he is helping the woman do the household chores when she is busy at work hustling.

According to Sarah, Congolese men confuse financially stable women not because they use charms, but  because of their bedroom skills and romance.

The only problem that Sarah has is the type of men who just stay at home with zero bedroom skills and despite the woman being the provider, they can’t help her with domestic chores.

This is what Sarah thinks about the issue of men being kept by women.

Do you agree with her sentiments?


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