Sunday, August 9, 2020 – Media personality, Joey Muthengi, has opened up about her struggles to maintain a skinny figure, especially on TV, at the expense of her health.

The former Citizen TV presenter took to twitter to reveal that she would deliberately starve herself to maintain her petite figure which is considered attractive.

In a series of tweets, she revealed that her obsession with being skinny started way back in college where being skinny was the standard measure of beauty.

So I grew up conditioned not to accept anything other than being a skinny Becky. I then developed an eating disorder. In High School I would eat all the food and throw up in the bathroom later. What they don’t tell you about bulimia is that you end up consuming more cals that way”

I went to Caucasian Schools for a majority of my teen/high school/college life and being thin was the in thing. If you couldn’t show a bit of your hip bones and flat tummy then go to the gym” she explained.

The happy go-lucky lass says that she continued starving herself when she landed on TV and while she looked great in those dresses, she was suffering underneath.

Joey, who is currently a radio presenter at Capital FM, says she wants to encourage young girls to be comfortable in their skin.

She also shared her latest photo looking thick and curvy and said she’s happy with the way she was created.

Check out her tweets below.


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