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Wednesday August 19, 2020 – Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata told off his Kakamega counterpart, Cleophas Malala, during a heated interview on Citizen TV.

While appearing on the Newsnight show, Malala claimed that Kang’ata has been using black mail to get what he wants in the Senate.

“Senator Irungu Kang’ata is a very good leader but his biggest undoing is that he is a dictator…he has doublespeak…he is the ‘deep state’ of the senate.”

“When he wanted the Nasa Coalition (National Super Alliance) to support his amendments, he threatened that if we do not support the amendments, then he shall be done or the Mt. Kenya region would be done with the BBI (Building Bridges Initiative),” stated Malala.

In his response, Kang’ata declined to attack Malala despite confirming that he possessed dirt on him and acknowledged that the two had agreed not to get personal before the show commenced.

“I am a bit surprised by what my brother has said on national TV, reason being that he is my personal friend.”

“Before we came to this show, we agreed on certain rules of engagement including not being personal.”

“I know a lot about my brother (Cleophas Malala) which I will not disclose on national TV, I give him the liberty to talk lies and malign my name for no good reason but I will not be drawn into a personal fight,” stated the Murang’a Senator.

He further claimed that Malala’s utterances were directed at attacking his personality rather than tackling the issue at hand.

The two Senators have been at loggerheads for weeks now regarding the controversial revenue sharing formula, which saw Malala arrested and released yesterday.


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