Friday August 14, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has donated Sh100 million to bail out his buddy, Sirisia MP, John Waluke, who was jailed for 67 years alongside Grace Wakhungu who was handed 69 years for engaging in corruption.

The two were ordered by Magistrate Elizabeth Juma to serve the lengthy jail terms if they fail to pay fines amounting to over Sh2 billion.

According to sources, Ruto mobilized his local and international friends to raise the funds and bail out the MP who has stood with him through thick and thin.

So far, they have been able to raise over Sh340 million out of the Sh727,725,562 million fine imposed by the anti-corruption court during the duo’s sentencing on June 25th.

Sources added that Waluke’s parliamentary colleagues managed to raise Sh6 million while his family had raised Sh144 million mainly from the sale of property in Nairobi.

Waluke’s wife, Roseline Nakhanu Waluke, who had launched a pay bill number to enable the family to raise the fine, was forced to abandon the idea.

Sources say Ruto is still concerned with Waluke’s fate and is eagerly awaiting the ruling challenging the trial outcome.

On the other side, Moody Awori, former Vice President’s family has raised a whopping Sh800 million to secure the freedom of one of their kin.


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