Sunday, August 1, 2020 – Milele FM presenter, Alex Mwakideu, is a family man married to a beautiful lady called Miriam Mwemba, and they have been blessed with three adorable kids.

However, the popular Radio Presenter doesn’t consider his wife among the people who are loyal to him.

Speaking in an interview on the Wicked Edition on NTV, Mwakideu said that the only person he ever trusted was his mother, who passed on last year.

He also revealed that he does not trust the people in his life at all without divulging more details.

“For my wife…I think I would take a bullet but for my kids that’s a definite I wouldn’t even think about it but for my wife…I think I would,” he stated.

“I don’t trust people…kabisa. The only person ambaye nilikuwa namtrust ni mamangu…mwenyezi Mungu ailaze roho yake mahai pema peponi lakini yey ndiye nilimtrust na roho yangu yote, angenisimamia mahali popote.

“I love my wife very much by the way lakini usichanganye loyalty na trust, unaeza kutrust mtu lakini hauko loyal kwake.

“Loyalty ni kama yule mtu husimama nyuma ya President ndio pasi ikipigwa anadedi yeye,” Mwakideu explained.


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