Hidden Payments On A Cruise Or How To Save On A Cruise Liner

If you really want to enjoy the cruise, rather than sit dullly in the cabin watching the sunset and sunrise, take the money with you, or even better, form an additional budget for cruise entertainment in advance. Especially for you, we have not only prepared a list of things for which you will have to pay a hundred percent, but also showed you where and how you can save money.

Coastal excursions

What you pay for.

Cruise liners sell coastal excursions – tours with guides, buses and sightseeing. All this is good and convenient, but the prices are much higher in comparison with the coastal operators. You can see for yourself – all necessary information about the cost of excursions is available on the company’s website. The cost usually ranges from 20 Euros for a quick run around the city with shopping to 300 for a full day excursion. Such programs include lunch and snacks. There are also more exotic things, such as a helicopter flight or a hot-air balloon ride. It all depends on how far you are ready to go in your fantasies.

How to save money?

Before you leave, check the sites for independent travelers and get acquainted with the list of sights that you will be curious to see, also don’t forget to study the route back to the port and plan the time not to be late for the ship. Our website will also help in this matter. In the cruise ports section you will find detailed information about what to do and what to see in the ports of call.

Alternative Restaurants

What you will pay for.

Cruise lines are getting more and more sophisticated in their attempts to throw you off the path of the true and send dinner not in the main restaurant, but in any other place, for which you will have to pay. As a rule, dinner at an alternative restaurant will cost you 15 – 40 euros, but if you order a bottle of wine, the price can rise up to 100. Also a huge amount of money is spent on desserts in paid coffee houses – all these ice cream, muffins and other cute snacks are not only reflected on your figure, but also make an impressive gap in your wallet. Add to this special dishes in the main restaurant – specially prepared steaks, a whole lobster, night service, pizza delivery and many other ways to get money out of you.

How to save money?

Elementary – just do not go there. You can eat for free on board 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In the main restaurant, the food is good enough, in front of you a huge number of dishes and desserts are always excellent. The newest and largest ships often have several free restaurants, rum service is also often free.


What you will pay for.

No matter if you took your laptop and attached to a wi-fi or sit in a computer center, you will pay a lot of money for the often very slow Internet. On most liners, it will cost you 75 cents a minute, and in bulk 55 cents a minute. Some ships are also testing new all-inclusive packages, where you can purchase unlimited traffic or different tariff plans for a fixed fee, depending on how much internet you need. And the quality of communication, slowly, but still improving.

How to save money?

You can always find cheaper internet in the port, if you can, of course, allocate time for it. Google the list of internet cafes or points with free wi-fi in the port before you travel. If you need a permanent connection to work or study, use a third-party service to help with your studies like WriteMyPaper4Me.org. Often also cruise companies offer applications for the phone, which will allow you to communicate with fellow travelers on board via ship’s Wi-Fi for free. If your cruise has several ports from one country in a row, it may make sense to buy a local SIM card with mobile Internet.

Alcohol and other drinks

What you will pay for.

Alcoholic beverages and wine are not included in the cruise price on most liners (except for luxury variants and river cruises). Plus a lot more will go for soda, bottled water, juices, and coffee (this is some kind of general craze for cappuccino, latte, and espresso). And for all this you will pay, not a restaurant or cafe.

How to save money?

Most courts widely practice advertising “drinks of the day”. You can take this offer or order one or two martinis cheaper in the so-called “happy hours”, which are practiced on some ships. Ask if there are events with free drinks, such as art auctions or captain’s cocktail receptions.

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