Thursday August 13, 2020 – Renowned social media activist and blogger, Robert Alai, has advised Governors, Senators and MPs who are opposed to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime on what to do in case they notice that they are being watched by State operatives.

On Thursday morning, Kericho Senator, Aaron Cheruiyot, alleged that the State is intimidating Senators who support Meru Senator Mithinka Linturi’s proposal of revenue sharing.

“A number of Senators who voted in support of Sen Linturi’s amendment to the Rev Formulae report wake up to frozen bank accounts & fictitious Tax demands from KRA. Shameful of the so-called system.”

“The resolve is firmer.”

“Kenya must win this war against Impunity,” Cheruiyot said.

Following Cheruiyot’s claims, Alai urged Governors, Senators and MPs who are opposed to Uhuru‘s authoritarian regime to remove their money in banks because State operatives are freezing accounts to punish those who are opposing the Government.

“If you criticize the Government, get your money off banks.”

“Get it fast.”

“Such crude methods must be fought,” Alai said.


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