Sunday, 09 August 2020 – Haunted male socialite and Jacque Maribe’s ex-lover, Joseph Irungu, who is popularly known as Jowie, has been keeping a low profile after he was released on bond.

Jowie was released after staying behind bars for over a year, following the brutal murder of businesslady Monica Kimani.

Before he was linked to the death of Monica, he was active in the social scene and a well known celebrity groupie, who used to hang out with top Kenyan celebrities in high end clubs and lavish parties.

He is on record narrating how close friends and influential celebrities deserted him after he was charged with murder.

He had a hard time trying to raise money after he was released on a bond of Ksh 2 million.

Jowie’s latest social media activities hint that he may have changed his ways.

In one of the posts, he is seen hanging out with Pastor Ephantus Safari, a youthful pastor who does missions on schools and colleges, mostly targeting the youth.

Photo of Jowie chilling with Pastor Ephantus Safari that has left Netizens wondering whether he has given his life to Christ.

In another post, Jowie says that although he has fallen short of God’s grace, the merciful Lord has saved him despite his flaws.

These recent posts that Jowie puts up on social media have left Netizens wondering whether he has given his life to Christ.

He is facing serious criminal charges that may see him jailed for life if found guilty of murder.


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