Wednesday, August 19, 2020 – Tanzanian model turned video vixen, Hamisa Mobetto, has for the first time addressed long-running rumors linking her to a romantic affair with Kenyan singer turned politician, Charles Njagua alias Jaguar.

The mother of two has been forced to speak up after some Netizens claimed that Jaguar fathered her second born due to their uncanny resemblance.

This is despite the fact that Bongo star, Diamond Platinumz, publicly admitted that he’s the father of the adorable boy.

The sexy lass has now set the record straight insisting that she has never met Jaguar and neither does she have his number.

“Sijawahi kumuona Jaguar katika Maisha Yangu, sijawahi kuonana naye, sijawahi kuwa na number yake ya simu ila sijawahi kuongea naye. Said Hamisa”

The ‘Kigeugeu’ hit-maker seemed to fuel speculation when he shared the boy’s photo on his Instagram page to wish him a happy birthday.

“Kwa hiyo sababu za kumpost mtoto wangu anazijua yeye mwenyewe lakini kwa sababu watu wengi Instagram wemekuwa wakumuunganisha na mtoto wangu picha, maybe that is one of the reasons.

“Lakini sijapata nasafi ya kuongea naye maana simjui, so hopefully the day ambayo nitamuona nitamuuliza”she explained

In 2019, the youthful MP revealed that he has a son in Tanzania although he did not reveal the identity of mother or the child.

“Mimi napenda watanzania sana hata niko na watoto huko Tanzania. Mimi siongei uwongo. Mimi niko na kijana Tanzania lakini kwa muda kidogo sijaweza kutembea,” he added.


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