Monday, August 24, 2020 – Flamboyant Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho, has opened up on how his viral ‘Katerina’ TikTok video caused him a lot of trouble.

The self-declared Sultan left women soaking their pants wet after he posted a video singing along to Bruce Melodie’s hit song, Katerina.

Slay Queens went ga ga over Joho’s singing prowess with some stating that they would love to bed him.

Well, Governor 001 has now addressed the viral video during an interview with comedian Churchill.

“Your favorite song sijasema ya Susumila, Katerina first of all was trending all over. It’s amazing how unaweza cram all those words you just love good music?” asked Churchill.

To which Joho responded;

“Imeniletea shida wacha tu.”

“Hata naogopa huo wimbo sasa.”

“Nilikuwa ninaimba kwa raha zangu.”

“I wanna look at you baby kidogo eeh”

However, Joho, who has been rated the most handsome politician in Kenya, defended himself saying that people need to understand that he has a life away from being a leader

“The point is people must understand that even when you are a leader you have a life.”

“What is wrong with I spend 2 minutes to enjoy music?”

“I am still human and I’m allowed to enjoy and live life.”

“I don’t work 24/7 I do what I need to do and then I also have to find time for myself nianze kuimba nyimbo za akina Susumila,” he said.


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