Thursday August 27, 2020 – Homa Bay Women Rep, Gladys Wanga, has given former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale a 7-day ultimatum to compensate her or risk being sued.

In a demand letter sent to Khalwale by her lawyers on Wednesday, Wanga also demanded an unqualified apology following his utterances.

She accused the former Senator of linking her to the emotive KEMSA scandal in which it is claimed that Ksh43 billion has been mismanaged. 

“Gladys Wanga was included in the National Assembly Finance Committee and she made sure that Junet Mohammed was paid by KEMSA,” Khalwale spoke at a public gathering in Busia County.

The words were also caught in electronic media and were widely circulated on social media.

“In uttering the said words, you knew or ought to have known that at no time or point whatsoever has our client been responsible for the management, administration or even making payments to service providers of KEMSA or is any way involved in the financial administration of the agency.”

“The purpose of this letter is to demand from you, which we hereby do, an unqualified apology to our client prominently uttered in similar manner the defamatory words were uttered and shared and compensation for loss and damage caused to her character within seven days,” the letter stated.

The ODM Party has been accused by many politicians of being involved in the scandal following a statement that was understood as defending the KEMSA thieves. 

Here is Gladys’ letter


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