Friday August 28, 2020 – Barely 6 months after his death, the late ex-President Mzee Daniel arap Moi’s will on his vast multi-billion property has been opened.

The will indicated that all his children (Jennifer, Raymond, Philip, John Mark, Doris, June, Gideon and the late Jonathan) will get an equal portion of the property.

Retired AIC Bishop, Silas Yego, indicated that the former President had taken a considerable amount of time in preparing the document to ensure that his children received their fair share according to his wishes.

 “This was something that he did some time back before his condition deteriorated and he lost his voice.”

“He made sure he shared out his property among all his children and dependents.”

“The will was deposited with one of his lawyers that I cannot tell you,” Yego stated.

The will has come as a shocker to Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, who thought he was Moi’s de facto heir who would take up the management of all his property.

The property in question traverses many sectors including large-scale farming, banking, real estate, transport and logistics, education and media.


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